What Growing Retail Brands Look for in Packaging Printing Partners

If you are a retail brand, you know how important packaging printing partners are to ensure your brand’s products stand out on the shelf catching buyer’s attention. Whether you are new to the world of retail brands and you are just about to enter the competitive space, or you are a seasoned veteran looking for a new packaging printing company for custom retail boxes, this article will help you learn what to look for in a company you can trust to help increase sales.

Packaging Printing Companies that Understand Your Buyers

In order to attract consumers to your products on the shelf among competing brands, your packaging printing company needs to create a box design that appeals to your target buyers. This means they need to collaborate with your internal team to understand your products, the needs people typically have that prompt them to buy such products, and how your products offer a solution to these needs. Then the packaging printing details need to reflect this.

For example if the product’s solution is a visible feature, a custom retail box can be designed that has a plastic component or transparent window so shoppers can see that feature. The printing on the retail box should  mention the benefits of the feature in a manner that ties into branding in an eye-catching manner. A great deal of marketing psychology goes into packaging printing considerations for retail boxes, so be sure to work with a packaging company that has creative packaging engineers with the marketing chops to match, and the insight to know how retail packaging design resonates with buyer needs.

High Quality Packaging Printing Options that Live Up to their Name

You will want to make sure your packaging printing company uses high quality materials when making retail boxes. For example, if your retail product is heavy like an exercise kettlebell or fragile like a piece of porcelain, you may want litholam corrugate as a retail box solution because it is heavy-duty. Make sure your packaging printing company drop tests the retail box before it undergoes mass production as part of the quality control process. You should get a full report covering the drop test that outlines how the box and the product within held up. Also, the design and printing must be appropriate to the product and inspire shoppers to pick it up and place it in their carts. In other words, a high quality retail box not only protects the products within, but markets the contents to buyers.


When you contact various packaging printing companies, ask about their communication process. Will you have a single point of contact, or an entire team of people to talk to? A single point person is always easier and more efficient. Make sure this person can be easily reached, responds quickly, and is capable of making last minute design changes in the event such a step would need to be taken.