What to Look for in the Best ADR Services Los Angeles Studios

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world. From film and television, to theatre and big brands seeking creative marketing solutions that require ADR services Los Angeles studios, LA has a real need for the best ADR studios, and therefore sound supervisors and directors have a number of options. But how can you find the best ADR Los Angeles studios capable of helping you complete your project in a flawless manner while hitting all the must haves on your criteria?

This article is intended to help sound supervisors, directors, and post production supervisors find the best ADR Services Los Angeles studios for TV and ADR film projects.

The Best ADR Services Los Angeles Studios Offer Comfort

Whether you are looking for local Burbank ADR studios, or just a good ADR Los Angeles studio, comfort should be the first thing you look for. But what does that mean? Basically, you can have the best technology and mics in the business, but if the studio is uncomfortable, your ability to put out good work can take a hit. Look for modern ADR studios that are pristine clean, have modern or contemporary furniture and aesthetic design,  and furniture that isn’t just stylish but comfortable. There should also be constant access to beverages like water, coffee and soft drinks, as well as food to fuel those energy levels. A selection of sandwiches, hot entrees, and snacks should be available. The bathrooms should be clean and comfortable, there should be an area for lounging, as well as conducting meetings. When looking for the best ADR services Los Angeles has to offer, make sure all the creature comforts are front and center before you begin to look deep in the weeds.

A Deep Mic Locker is Paramount to the Best ADR Services Los Angeles Has

If the accommodations are comfortable, the next thing to look at is the ADR services mic locker. Los Angeles ADR is competitive, so a good sign you are partnering with the best in the industry is by the depth of their mic locker. When it comes to mics for voiceover and ADR, the standard LDC (large diaphragm condenser) recording studio mic for voice over is the famous Neumann U87. A mic known for being reliable, offering high quality, and demonstrating a wide range, the Neumann U87 is known all over the world as being a must-have mic for any high-standard ADR studio. When it comes to shotgun mics, look for the Sennheiser 416. This mic has a well defined on-axis address known for doing an excellent job at isolating voices it points at.

As you probably know, 90% of ADR recording is done using the U87. Since these mics are the backbone of animation dialogue recording, you should demand these to ensure reliable audio is achieved throughout the span of your project. When sound supervisors, directors and post-production coordinators look for Los Angeles ADR studios, these mics are a must-have to ensure TV shows and films are of the highest quality.